What is Suntory’s WOW Technology?

VARON all-in-one serum features our patented W/O/W technology that only Suntory could have discovered and developed.

VARON’s essential ingredients and formulation have been carefully considered with the customer in mind and pared down to eliminate any excess. This chapter introduces the ingredients developed exclusively by Suntory and the formulation of VARON that we believe is essential for mature men’s skin.

Skincare that even the most disheveled men can start.

For men, using a range of skincare products can be a hassle and a costly commitment, which is why many men who have never tried skincare have given up on the idea altogether. VARON, with its all-in-one skincare solution in a single bottle, is poised to become the lifelong partner for these men.

What is Suntory’s proprietary W/O/W three-phase emulsion?

Suntory developed proprietary technology to achieve a practical W/O/W (Water in Oil in Water) emulsion, a formulation that had been thought to be nearly impossible to stabilize.

Four Unique Ingredients

Whisky barrel wood extract

Suntory’s proprietary whisky barrel wood extract is derived from Spanish oak, a type of barrel wood used for whisky maturation. The extract acts on various signs of aging of the skin.

Applying the polyphenol power of oolong tea!

This proprietary extract was developed by Suntory, the company that popularized oolong tea in Japan. This extract produces a fresh and invigorating impression, leaving your face feeling revitalized.

Care for the oiliness and dryness typical of men’s skin

(a sebum-regulating ingredient)

Helps effectively moisturizes dry
areas that lack sebum while also regulating sebum production in areas prone to excess oil.

Concentrates on your facial lines! Gives you a well-defined and radiant facial impression

(ingredient that promotes skin elasticity)

Provides a burst of firmness to
rejuvenate aging skin. One bottle of VARON will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.