Skincare is All the More Important for Mature Men!

VARON skincare was developed in Japan, a country known for having one of the world's longest life expectancies.
It was created by Suntory,
an organization deeply committed to the science of healthy aging.

We are now entering an era where the average person lives up to 100 years. This means that reaching the age of 50 is only halfway through life. With age comes a diversity of values and differences in what each person considers stylish.

The ability of each person to live their life positively, embracing their own style and embracing their unique appearance, will greatly enrich the era of the 100-year lifespan. People are already adopting new habits in the spirit of this new era.

All-In-One Serum for Men that Emerged from Japanese R&D

Men's skin is prone to stickiness and roughness due to higher sebum levels and lower moisture compared to women's skin. Additionally, as men age, their skin tends to dry out more easily due to years of shaving and UV damage. VARON was developed specifically to address these concerns and transform mature men's skin into moist, healthy skin. This all-in-one skincare product achieves its effects by penetrating the skin* in three steps, in the order of lotion, essence, and cream.

The all-in-one skincare product penetrates the skin* in three steps, in the order of lotion, essence, and cream.

*Penetrates to the stratum corneum

Gentle Skincare

VARON is designed to address stickiness, dryness, blemishes, wrinkles, laugh lines, dullness, and other problems that occur around the face in the second half of life. With just one bottle, you can put your best face forward.

Suntory's proprietary three-step penetration* technology enables the lotion, essence, and cream to penetrate the skin in the correct order. This all-in-one skincare is
specifically designed for mature men.

Four Unique Ingredients

VARON features four key ingredients that work together to transform complex and problematic men's skin into vibrant and masculine skin, befitting a mature man.


Developed exclusively from Suntory Whisky Barrel Wood Extract.

Suntory’s proprietary whisky barrel wood extract is derived from Spanish oak, a type of barrel wood used for whisky maturation. The extract acts on various signs of aging of the skin.


Applying the polyphenol power of oolong tea!

This proprietary extract was developed by Suntory, the company that popularized oolong tea in Japan. This extract produces a fresh and invigorating impression, leaving your face feeling revitalized.


(a sebum-regulating ingredient)

Helps effectively moisturizes dry
areas that lack sebum while also regulating sebum production in areas prone to excess oil.


(ingredient that promotes skin elasticity)

Provides a burst of firmness to
rejuvenate aging skin. One bottle of VARON will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.