VARON - 3-piece trial set (20ml)

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Try Suntory VARON, a 3-in-1 men’s skincare essential that improves dry and oily skin. Direct from Japan, its W/O/W emulsification technology allows lotion, serum and cream ingredients to penetrate skin, in that order. Husked in a sleek silver body with a pump nozzle design, each application serves up original whisky barrel wood and oolong tea extracts, inositol and plant-derived squalene. Available in 20ml and 120ml sizes, and 3 different fragrances.

Its elegant, tranquil, and gentle floral fragrance adds a sense of gentlemanly refinement to the mature man who relishes life.

This woody, luxurious scent with a hint of sweetness transforms into a deeper and richer fragrance that you can enjoy like savoring the passage of time.

This invigorating and airy citrus fragrance recreates the scent of Blue Rose Applause,
derived from the world’s first blue rose developed by Suntory. It provides a refreshing masculine finish.

How to Use

Step 1: Clean your skin before application

We recommend that you use VARON twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. The best times to apply VARON are after washing your face, after taking a bath, after shaving, or before going to bed.

Step 2: Place two pumps from the bottle into your palm.

During dry seasons, adjust the amount you use to match the condition of your skin.

Step 3: Apply the serum to your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.

Apply more product in areas where dryness is a concern. If you feel you have too much serum, we recommend you apply the excess on the back of your hands, around your neck, or behind your ears, where signs of aging are likely to occur.

Step 4: Spread the serum to cover your entire face.

Avoid rubbing your skin too hard.

Gentle Skincare

For the various problems that come up around the face in the second half of life, such as gritty, cracked, and flaky skin.
This one bottle will give you a gentleman's mature skin.

Suntory's proprietary Suntory's proprietary 3-step penetration* technology allows lotion, essence, and cream to penetrate the skin in the order of their roles. This is an all-in-one skincare product for adult men.
The unique 3-phase structure allows ingredients to be delivered to the stratum corneum in 3 stages.