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Its elegant, tranquil, and gentle floral fragrance adds a sense of gentlemanly refinement to the mature man who relishes life.


This woody, luxurious scent with a hint of sweetness transforms into a deeper and richer fragrance that you can enjoy like savoring the passage of time.


This invigorating and airy citrus fragrance recreates the scent of Blue Rose Applause, derived from the world’s first blue rose developed by Suntory. It provides a refreshing masculine finish.

VARON - 3-piece trial set (20ml)

This is a trial set of three products, each with a capacity of 20 ml.

VARON Face Wash

Crafted to effectively cleanse dirt and sebum, while maintaining skin moisture

VARON Face Wash and Serum Set

Elevate your skincare with our face wash and serum bundle. Designed for today's on-the-go lifestyle, this duo streamlines your routine for effortlessly grooming.

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